Tidbits for Tots


Snug-able fuzzies.  Lovable hugs.

Warm cozy blankets.  Hot chocolate in mugs.

Kisses and patty cakes.  Strawberries and cream.

Sunshine and rainbows…  Are all in my dreams.

"Angels are for Kids"

Whenever I need you, I find you inside.

You are my conscience, My spiritual guide.

Look no further for me, than what is within.

Then turn on your light, and let the new life begin!!!

"Lil-Arch Angel Bath"

Rub-a-dub-dub… Lil-Arch Angel in my tub,

washing me clean as can be.

From the top of my toes to the tip of my nose.

My angel is all over me!

"Funny faces"

My face is funny as a clown.  See my eyes roll round and round,

while I turn my smile into a frown.

I can even make my nose blow upside down.

"Birthday Hap-pies"

Birthday parties filled with toys, lots of girls and lots of boys.

Playing games I like to do, and when I'm through– I'm happy!

Then mommy says it's time to go, I say so long to Jack and Joe.

I have tricks and treats to go – I'm very happy!

"There must be someone watching"

There must be someone watching the things I cannot see.

When does a flower open or a tree wave softly in the wind?

When do fish jump out of water and a marlin show his fin?

Who is helping me and watching me, as I change inside and out?

There's something special out there, 

that I'm simply wondering about.


Did you ever see the leaves waving gently with a breeze,

while it's sturdy little branches cling so tightly to the trees?

It's funny how leaves move themselves, they nod and wave around.

And yet the trees with all its breeze still won't leave the ground!

"The Swing"

Look at me fly high up to the sky!  

See me play with the birds flying by.

My shoes can touch the sun, and my knees can feel the heat.

I can swing high up to the sky,

then back down again with my feet.

"There's a monster next to me" 

There's a monster next to me and he's bad as bad can be,

but he's hard for you to see– that's why he's scary just to me.

Today he made me scream and fight. 

He spilled my milk and fussed all night.

He kept my mom and dad up too, doing things I shouldn't do–

but he made me think that I wanted to!

I think that monster next to me had better meet the other me.

The one whose sweet and kind and nice. 

Who wouldn't hurt or fuss or bite.  

I'm sure he'd feed my monsters appetite!

Then he'd tuck my monster into bed and calm his angry little head,

 by singing songs so sweet and low, then holding hands 

together to sleep we would go.

"A New Day"

Good morning sun.  Good morning sky.  

Hello little bird flying by.

Wake up Blinkie. Rise and shine.  

Don't you know it's morning time?

Good morning doll. Good morning kite.

Hello bear, did you sleep well last night.

Yummy– I smell something good to eat.

March down the stairs my sleepy feet!

Good morning mom. Good morning dad.

Good morning to me, and the great day I'll have!


Red, yellow, blue and green,

are the very best colors I've seen.

Watch me brush on the red and splash on the blue.

I can even paint yellow grass and green houses, if I wanted to!