The secret



The secret to living a perfect life

      One evening, while kneeling down to say my prayers before God, I asked him the question; "What is the secret to living a perfect life?" The Holy Spirit then began to reveal to me a loving God's answer.  He said that life is not perfect in and of itself.  There is only one constant perfect, and that is God. He then led me to understand, that in order to learn the secret of living a perfect life, I needed to live humbly and strive toward holiness daily.  God, he said, always intended for every human being to live in a continual state of love, and to grow in holiness through His word.

       The Spirit continued, saying that my first focus when I wake up in the morning must always be on my creator, God, and on all that is good and right pertaining to Him.  The evil one will then be kept from infiltrating and confusing my thoughts.  He said that I should seek God's glorious face through the intercessory prayers of the Blessed Mother, and to focus on the works of all of the Saints I have read about.  He said that I should always look to see Jesus through the fellowship of those who bless my life every day.  The Spirit then asked me to give all praise, honor and thanksgiving to the Holy Triune God, and to place myself fully in an attitude of gratitude for His love for me.  He affirmed that it is the Father; Son; and Holy Spirit, who has given me the grace of calling me His daughter. The Spirit continued saying that I must try daily to practice virtue; tolerance; charity and respect for others, even when it is difficult to do so.  He told me that I will surely fail often, and therefore must confess my sins to God with a humble and contrite heart. Because of God's merciful heart, my Savior promises to take away my sins and continue to carry me through every trial and tribulation.  Jesus will then offer me the Grace of receiving his own precious body and blood, so that I might be presented pure and in unity with the presence of a Holy God.

      The Holy Spirit assures that God is all I need, even when I am so burdened, that I feel I could die from sheer grief alone.  God, He says, will never leave me, nor have me carry more than I am able to bear.  I must fully trust, that absolutely everything God offers me while in His care, will be more than sufficient to overcome all evil in this life.

      God tells me that He alone is good, and I believe it!  The name above all names cares about me, as if I were the only human being on earth for Him to care for, and I believe this too!  He only asks that I live for Him, because he sent His only begotten son to live and die for me.  I can do no less than His request.  It is my privilege to honor Him in this way.  It is above all else, my true hearts desire to please Him, because, He has first instilled this grace within me.  There is nothing more I could desire than live the simple, but perfect life that God has planned for me.  He knew me even before I was conceived in my mothers womb.

      My father's abundant love for everything I am, sustains me every day.  I know that He will continue to uphold me during my days of living in this present world, and ultimately to the end of time, when His eternal salvation promise unfolds.

      How awesome it is, that my Holy Triune God would set my feet upon this path!  I see His rainbows all around me, and I find myself dancing with joy at the sure hope that my God has in store for me!