The Good Book

The Good Book is the story of all that you've heard, 

from the beginning  to end it's God's own written word. 

God spoke to His chosen who wrote down the story, 

about all of God's truth and all of his glory.  

You can read about people we no longer see, 

but they once walked the earth just like you and like me.  

People who God made to be kind and to be good, 

and to live a right life in the ways that they should.  

But sometimes God's people were really quite bad, 

and this in itself made God very sad.  

So God gave them his laws as to how they should live, 

and he sent his own son to teach and forgive.

The Bible; The word; The Good Book is God's way, 

to show all of his people how to live right every day.

The greatest story ever told, 

is a story for both the young and the old.

It tells of the greatest man ever to be, 

who was both human and holy, 

his name was Jesus, from Galilee.

God's plan for his son Jesus,

right from his divine birth,

would be in fact God's greatest gift

to all the people of the earth.

As Jesus grew wise he shared all he knew,

while he spoke of God's law and God's love 

to the crowds which he drew. 

He chose twelve disciples to help spread the word,

that God's law and God's love were for all to be heard.

Jesus performed many miracles,

like feeding five thousand poor.

He had five loaves of bread and two fish,

yet he needed no more.

Jesus commanded the winds to stop blowing.

He then walked on water, as amazed disciples stopped rowing.

He healed the sick and raised the dead,

even the worst of sinners to God he led.

Many now believed in the miracles that Jesus had done,

but still others would doubt that he was really God's son.

Somewhere in the crowd voices were heard

that Jesus was not the Messiah, and did not speak God's word.

So they took him

and placed him to die on the cross,

but they never expected such sadness and loss.

He was then wrapped in a cloth and laid in a cave.

God's son, Jesus Christ, would soon rise from the grave!

Many would see him, as others were told,

that the Savior, our Jesus, had truly arose!

Jesus then told them that he again would soon be gone,

but would leave his Holy Spirit

to help keep their new faith strong.

God never breaks his promise, for God alone is always good.

One day Jesus will come back again, just like he said he would. 

Then the people would surely praise him

and call him the "Holy One."

Our Savior would wipe away each sorrow and tear,

bringing joy to all of his faithful ones.

Until that day Jesus asks us to live a life that is very good,

and when we sin to pray for forgiveness as well we should.

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