The Greatest Reward 

God has gently cleansed my soul,

repairing that which was not whole.

I welcome Him into my lonely heart,

and pray alas that He never part.

With God I have made the ultimate accord,

and He made sharing His love...

My Greatest Reward.



"Amazing Love"

      Some would say: You can't believe in Jesus and still be a Jew.  I would respond to that by saying, I can't claim my Jewish roots and not believe in Jesus.  He is my Savior who walked the earth as the Perfect Jewish Rabbi.  It was Jesus who fulfilled all the Jewish law and became for His people-The living Torah.  Today, He is the law; the love and the word for all those who would believe in His love and in His deed…Jesus says in John 10:30, "I and the Father are one".  He tells His extended Family of God, that when you see Him, you also see the Father. He continues to pray for these believers, asking the Father that all these may be in the Father, just as He is in the Father, and the Father is in all of them. In this manner, Jesus had declared himself one with God, and that we also are His. 

       Jesus alone in life, showed miracles unlike any other man. He allowed Himself willingly to take upon all our sins and then die an innocent man,  so that we might live forever. He arose from the dead and was seen by hundreds of witnesses who then proclaimed…"My Lord, My God, My Savior!" He walked and talked and ate with them, and then ascended into Heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father, yet He left us with His Holy Spirit to comfort and empower our faith.  The Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, established by Jesus is my Church…….

      My husband Howard and I are Hebrew Catholics, who became confirmed on 9/05/09.  We have discovered joy in presenting our church with the truths of the joint heritage we all share in Y'shua Hamessiah…..

      When we open our minds and our hearts to the living God, He takes us upon a journey of the Spirit which prepares us for servanthood and to fulfill His purpose for each one of us here on earth. I am grateful for the many witnesses in the Roman Catholic Church, who speak of their physical and spiritual Jewish roots. The late Cardinal Jean-Marie Aron Lustinger once declared, "I was born a Jew and having become a Christian by faith and baptism, I have remained Jewish, as did the Apostles."

      Edith Stein, a canonized Jewish/Catholic Saint, took the name of Sister Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. These Roman Catholic Clergy, and others today like them, continue to share both their physical and spiritual unity in Jesus Christ.

      Pope Benedict the 16th says: "There is nothing more beautiful then to be surprised by the Gospel, by the encounter with Christ. There is nothing more beautiful then to know Him and to show others of our friendship with him."

      I am grateful for the faith walk that our Good God has placed me upon. He continues to answer my prayer in helping me to live in  honoring the Father; Son and Holy Spirit. I am so blessed for the home in my church, and I remain in grateful awe and amazing love, every time I receive the Blessed Body and Blood of Jesus, at each Mass.

      Our faith declares that one day, both Jew and Christian and all who might be saved would be saved to worship and serve God with one voice. I do believe that the day is rapidly approaching when a mass conversion of hearts might welcome fully our Lord's return. A day when God will be all-in-all, as catechism declares. 

      Today, let us humble ourselves by His grace; and demonstrate God's love with whomever there are those who hunger for the truth…. furthermore, let all people in our Church be, not only a people who come to Church, but moreover, a Church, who come to the people!


"Born Again"

The veil is lifted and love shines through.

My former self lives now, brand new.

God's shining glory on my face,

the mark of the Lord's sweet love and grace.

I thank my God for meeting me, at a

place that I thought I'd never be. 

And now this light I pray to show,

to others who do not know.

His love for all awaits His voice.                                                                

I raised the veil, I made my choice.

My life is sweeter, as my Lord Jesus set me free,                                  

 to be the child of God that I've always been mean't to be.           

The veil now lifted, God"s love is shining through. 

Thank you my sweet Jesus… It's all because of you! 


"True Christian"

Thank you Holy Spirit for showing me,                                               

 the life to live- the way to be.

It's not a Catholic; Baptist or Jew.                                                 

Neither a Methodist or Lutheran,                                                        

just to name a few.

It is Jesus Christ who lives within,                                                        

and our sharing His love                                                                         

and our obedience to Him.

The Gentile and the believing Jew,                                               

together are set free.                                                                                  

It is through the sacrificial blood of Jesus,                                        

 that there is glory in this unity. 

We are not separate, it could never be so.                                        

Jesus died on His cross                                                                             

so the world would come to know–                                                     

that whomever loved Him, and truly believed,                              

would  equally share and duly receive.                                                    

It is the power of Christ that will live within                                    

every faithful heart, of a true Christian.