My Special Friend

Sometimes when I feel lonely and there's no one there to see,

I try to talk to Teddy but he does not answer me.

My clown is always smiling and my dolly rocks gently on the chair.

They seem to know my secrets, but I'm not so sure they care.

My friends are outside playing, and my brother is sick at home.

My sister is very busy

and my mother is on the phone.

Dad is somewhere, but I don't know where. Im really feeling all alone.

I wish I had a "special friend," someone whom I can talk to.

I would tell that friend my secrets, and share the things I like to do.

When walking by my mirror, I was so surprised to see

that "special friend" I'm looking for just smiling back at me!

Your hair is kind of wavy and your eyes are big and wide.

When seeing you, I just knew that we shared the same feelings inside.

We are one. I'm not alone, and I could never be.

My special friend is Jesus, and He lives inside of me!

Black, white, brown, yellow and red.

These are the colors for people, God said.

Colors are natural and so good to see,

they make me feel special and glad I am me!

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