Danny's Room

Something is hiding in my room.

Turn on the light and get out the broom!

Find that monster who's under my bed,

"I won't go to sleep," little Danny said.

Carefully mother took out her broom

and brought it into Danny's room.

When bending down she could not see,

if the monster was where it was supposed to be.

"Danny dear", she said to me.

"Look under your bed to see what you can see."

"I have swept the floor clean under your bed,

the monster is not here, only dust balls," she said.

So I slowly took the broom and came back into my bedroom.

Carefully I looked under my bed to see 

if the monster was gone, like mom said.

"Now sweep the floor well", she said to me.

"Monsters hate rooms when their clean as can be."

So I cleaned my room-dusted-it-and picked up my toys,

now the monster would frighten some other small boy's!

"Monsters, mom said, can't be found under beds

where toy's are picked up and rooms are kept clean."

"You simply scare them away without being too mean!"

Then she took back the broom and turned off the light,

now I new everything would turn out alright.

Monsters won't come into rooms to play,

where clothes, toys and games are put neatly away.

Mom's really know best, I now know that's true,

so I will do everything that mom tells me to do!

Monster Song

Monsters, Monsters, let's be monsters.

We're here to play our games. 

Watch us bounce and trounce and flopster,

none of us the same!

Closets, closets, where are closets?

Hiding is such fun…

under beds of sleepy heads, 

watch us scream and run!

Monsters, monsters, let's be monsters.

Looking for a place,

where we can hide and play inside,

and show our scary face!


Dustball Song

There are silly dustballs underneath his bed.

Clinging to the bedpost, stuck in Teddys head.

Catch a funny dustball, throw it all around.

Watch it hit the ceiling, see it hit the ground.

Roll it by the doorway.  Blow it in the air.

Caught in mama's broomstick, dustin up a storm!

So keep right on "a sweep-in."

Sweeping in his room. Sweep it away! 

Get out of the way!

Be monsters; Be monsters; Be monsters,

and go in other rooms!!